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Welcome to my home page of my RC cars.  This is a great hobby for all ages.  My daughter (age 4) and my son (age 2) enjoy the sight and sounds of my cars screaming by that I had to get them their own.  I'm sure you can figure out which one are theirs.  I have always been into RC cars for twelve years, starting out with Radio Shack's Golden Arrow, then moved on to Kyosho Raider 2WD electric, then a Kyosho Stinger 4WD gas.  The reason that you don't see them in the picture because somebody decide to break in my garage and steal them.  After about a 8 year pause I recently got back into RC cars in September 2000 starting with the Traxxas Nitro Sport.  

Its great and fast, but needed something quite in the park I live in.  That's where the Rustler comes into the picture.  Its quite and my neighbors love me for it.  Couple months later, our local hobby shop decided to close their doors.  I've debated on getting the Nitro 4Tec but after seeing all the people looking at it and knowing how they treat their cars, I decided to go ahead and purchase the Nitro 4Tec.  There would have been a Nitro Stampede and a 4Tec in the picture but somebody already purchased it before I did.  I know the kid who bought the Stampede and the engine is already wasted.

Currently, I own the following cars.

Traxxas Nitro Sport

Traxxas Rustler

Traxxas Nitro 4Tec

My daughter has the Tyco Dodge Durango

My son has the Tyco Mitisbishi Evolution

Inexpensive but they enjoy running them, and its better and less expensive then watching my Rustler try to climb a tree.

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